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NEWS 2010

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03-01-2010 Newark(UK): Charmaine judging Duckeries Gundog club open show with her best puppy

03-01-2010 Newark(UK): Charmaine judging at Duckeries Gundog club deciding for her BOB.

03-01-2010 Newark(UK): Charmaine with her BOB,BOS and best puppies male and female at the Duckeries Gundog club(UK)


09-01-2010 Hoogstraten (Bel): 1st Champion dogs Sh.Ch.Barnum of the Hellacious Acres W'08 with res.CAC/CACIB judge: Jim Richardson(UK) 



09-01-2010 Hoogstraten(Bel): 1st.Champion bitch and best bitch Ch.Martha of the Hellacious Acres with CAC/CACIB judge: Jim Richardson

giving her the title: International Show Champion.



January 2010: two cute dogpuppies from Jeree and Barnum


January 2010 Twisk : Jorrit and Lolkje Efdee with their two little rascals from Jeree and Philomena.

january 2010 at "Willowfarm" Jeree and Barnums dog puppy.

january 2010 Twisk : "Willowfarm" Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderfull!!


30-01-2010 Herrenberg(GER) : 1st Champion bitch Sh.Ch.Remington Requisite of Ramchaine with CAC/VDH with judge Henric Fryckstrand(SWE).


30-01-2010 Herrenberg (GER) : 1st Champion bitch Sh.Ch.Remington Requisite of Ramchaine with CAC/VDH judge: Henric Fryckstrand (SWE)


30-01-2010 Herrenberg(GER) : 1st intmediate bitch, Junior Ch.Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine JW with CAC/VDH and BOB judge: Henric Fryckstrand(SWE)


30-01-2010 Herrenberg(GER): jun.Ch.Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine JW,JW'09, BEST OF BREED on joint decission by the judges: Henric Fryckstrand(SWE)and Marianne Holm-Hansen(DAN).


30-01-2010 Herrenberg (GER): BOB jun.Ch.Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine JW and BOS with judges Henric Fryckstrand(SWE) and Marianne Holm Hansen(DAN)



06-02-2010 Eindhoven(NL) : 1st.junior bitch Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine JW with jun.CAC and CAC and BOS judge : Mrs.S.Vretenicic(Mont)

This was her third junior CAC and giving her the title of DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION.

Altogether Vogue's titles include: UK junior Warrant,Luxemburg jun.Ch.,German- and VDH jun.Ch.

Dutch junior Champion, Bundesjugendsg.09,Amsterdam jun.Winner  '09

She already got 3 CAC's in Germany and 3 CAC's in the Netherlands at only17 months of age.


06-02-2010 Eindhoven(NL) : BOB and BOS Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine JW with BOB judge Mrs.A.T.Strande(NO)



13-02-2010 Bergen(NOR): 1st.Champion dog NUCH.Ramchaine Snap to Jako's best dog and BOS judge:FilipJonsson(SWE).


28-02-2010 Achievement page Vogue added


28-02-2010 Gent (BEL): 1st Champion dogs Sh.Ch.Barnum of the Hellacious Acres NL-,VDH-,Germ.-Ch.W'08 with CAC and CACIB judge: Maudie Burke (IRL)

This CACIB win also made him up in an INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION.


28-02-2010 Gent(BEL): 1st Champion bitch Sh.Ch.Remington Requisite of Ramchaine with res.CAC/CACIB judge: Maudie Burke(IRL)


28-02-2010 Gent: JAZMIN and CHARMAINE enjoying the day.


28-02-2010 Gent(BEL): Sh.Ch.Barnum of the Hellacious Acres NL-,VDH-,Ger-CH,W'08 BIG of group 8 judge mrs.E.de Clerq(BEL)


28-02-2010 Gent(BEL): BIG with judge mrs.de Clerq(BEL) Sh.Ch.Barnum of the Hellacious Acres handled by Charmaine


28-08-2010 Gent (BEL): Sh.Ch.Barnum of the Hellacious Acres NL-,VDH-,GER-CH,W'08 winning group 8


28-02-2010 Gent(BEL): 7e BIS International Show Champion Barnum of the Hellacious Acres W'08 with Charmaine



07-03-2010 Groningen(NL): Sh.Ch.Remington Requisite of Ramchaine res.CAC/CACIB judge: Ans van Leeuwen(NL)



14-03-2010 CRUFTS(UK): 1st special yearling bitch Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine JW, Lux-,Germ.-,VDH-,Dutch-jCH.Bjsg'09,JW'09 judge:Marlene Sillence(UK)


Crufts 2010 1st special yearling bitch VELVENYA VOGUE OF RAMCHAINE JW,Dutch-,VDH-,GERM.-,Lux.JCH, AMST.JW'09,BjSG'09




14-03-2010 CRUFTS: Open dogs-Sh.Ch.Barnum of the Hellacious Acres W'08 shortlisted judge: Margareth Woods(UK)



21-03-2010 Leiden(NL): 1st. Exc. interm.bitch Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine JW,Lux.JCh.NL.JCh,VDH-and Germ.JCH JW'09,Bjsg"09 with CAC/CACIB and BOB judge: Mrs.Gerda Halff-van Boven(NL).

This was Vogue's 4th Dutch CAC and would have given her her Dutch title, unfortunately she is only 19 months old and thus far to young to get her title.

It was her first CACIB, because she is just out of junior class in the Netherlands.



27-03-2010 Edinburgh(UK): 1st open bitch Sh.Ch.Ramchaine Green Glow by Fenwood JW with CC and BOS judge: Marianne Holm-Hansen(DAN)

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