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    NEWS 2005

26-12-2005: Victoria and Scotts puppies are born, 6 dogs and 2 bitches.

19-12-2005 Wychen(NL): Barnum of the Hellacious Acres: 1 EX juniordogs-second best dog with resCAC.

judge: Mrs.R. van Stoppelenburg(NL)

4-12-2005: At the Amsterdam winner: Barnum of the Hellacious Acres-2 Ex.junior dogs judge: Mr.F.Knippenborg(NL).

Barnum and Beryl Liggins  Kassel 2005

12-11-2005 Kassel DRC championclubshow: DRC juniorclubwinner 2005 Barnum of the Hellacious Acres J-CAC

Barnum clubjugendsieger DRC-1

12-11-2005 Kassel DRC Championclubshow: Moondust Ophelia best puppy bitch  judge: Henric Fryckstrand(S).

16-10-2005:Dortmund-Barnum of the Hellacious Acres 2 Ex. juniordogs with res.junior CAC (Judge: Mrs. Liz Keene).




27-09-2005: Our latest edition at the Hellacious Acres: Ramchain Green Glitter JADE

(Erinderry Just the Ticket from Bluewaters x Sh.Ch.Remington Requisite of Ramchain) at seven weeks.



20-08-2005: Bad Oldesloe Barnum of the Hellacious Acres-Best Puppy  judges: Mrs.Eva Mjelde(Nor) and Mr.Eivind Mjaerum(Nor).

31-07-2005 Timmerlage: 2 Ex.Intermediate bitches Martha of the Hellacious Acres with res.CAC. judge D.Harms(Ger.)

24-07-2005 Luxemburg: 3 Ex.Intermediate bitches Martha of the Hellacious Acres judge Sheila Watkins (GB),

03-07-2005-Echt (NL.) Martha of the Hellacious Acres - 3 Ex.Openclass bitches

Judge: Mrs. Drs L.K.M. Erhart(NL.)

19-06-2005-Oldenburg (Ger.) Martha of the Hellacious Acres - 1 Ex.intermediate bitches with CAC and res.CACIB

Judge: Hassi Assemacher-Feyel(Ger.)

11-06-2005: Beckum ( Ger.) Martha of the Hellacious Acres Res.CAC

Judge Mrs. Penny Gowland.

11-06-2005: Beckum ( Ger.) Barnum of the Hellacious Acres 1ste Puppydogs.

Judge Mrs. Barbara Gell.

15-05-2005: Martha of the Hellacious Acres became 2 Ex in intermediate at the International Championshipshow of Arnhem.

Judge: Mrs. G. Groeneweg - de Klerk.

14-05-2005: Martha of the Hellacious Acres achieved a 2 Ex and a Res CAC. in the intermediate class at the Spezialzuchtschau at Diedersdorf (Germany).

Judge: Mrs. D. Winter.

7-05-2005: Europasiegershow Dortmund(Ger.) Martha of the Hellacious Acres-2 Ex. intermediate class with CAC.

7-5-2005: Martha of the Hellacious acres 2 Ex. Intermediate class Dortmund with CAC. judge Mr. R. Koch.

5-5-2005: Martha of the Hellacious Acres 3 Ex. Intermediate class out of 49, GRCN Championclubshow.

Bart and Martha of the Hellacious Acres their return to the Dutch championship show scene on the 24th of April 2005 resulted in her winning a strong intermediate bitchclass and the Res. CAC. (Photo taken on the day, after the show) - judge Mr. W.Wellens.


Spezialzuchtschau Cloppenburg (Germany) 20th of March 2005 saw Bart returning to the showring after a sabbatical from about five years.It was his first show as an exhibitor in five years and Martha of the Hellacious Acres first show in her live. She became 3 Excellent in a very strong intermediate bitch class, not bad for a debutante. Judge was Mrs. Agneta Cardell (Sweden).


27-12-2004: Bart judging Sleaford open show with BOB Tucks Tamsbrook Taras Theme, BOS Hills Bramhills Blake BP Vernons Gunhills Ragdoll for Graceleigh.

BOB. Tamsbrook Tara's Theme and BOS. Bramhills Blake.


  Summertime gaining her Polish title


   2nd of May 2004 : Ch. Summertime of the Hellacious Acres gaining her Polish Champion title.


      25th of July 2004 : Ch. Summertime of the Hellacious Acres gaining her Russian Champion title.


 11th of september 2004: Ch. Summertime of the Hellacious Acres - Czech Retriever Clubshow Clubwinner, well done Judith and Andrzej.


 26-11-'04  Victoria of the Hellacious Acres got two boy puppies , they are named Barnum & Bailey of the Hellacious Acres .

(More info press : Litters - Puppies).


                The remains of Guisachan - birthplace of the Golden Retriever.                                Bart and Mirjam in front of Guisachan.

                In July 2003, Mirjam and Bart together with Fred and Ada Smink ( Moondust) went on a journey to the birthplace of our breed.

                A pilgrimage to the source. A journey any true breeder of Golden Retrievers should make.

                In the Highlands of Scotland-North of Loch Ness in between the rough Hills with their atmosphere of Celtic mist near a small

                village named Tomich,  this is what they found as the remains of a once beautiful Victorian Estate.

                The building of the house started in 1854 by the later Lord Tweedmouth, who's studbooks are our first official written down

                breedinformation about the matings done by him to create the Yellow Wavy Coated Retriever.

                The surroundings are really beautiful and the air is clean and mystique.

                Only the serene rustle of leaves and singing of the birds were surrounding you. It was an experience we will never forget.