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Bart’s Judging Appointments for Golden Retrievers:             

The Netherlands  16-05-1996 GRC of the Netherlands, Apeldoorn Championship show(CAC)
England 11-05-1997 Mid.Herts Gundog, Godmanchester Open show
England 29-04-1998 Windsor Gundog, Windsor Open show
Switzerland  27-06-1999  Retr.Club Switserland, Montricher Open show
Scotland 09-01-2000 Waverly Gundog, Edinburgh Open show 
England   20-06-2000  Cheshire County, Knutsford Open show 
England   27-12-2004 Sleaford, Newark Open show 
Scotland 06-10-2007 GRC of Scotland Open(breed)show
Estonia 10-02-2009  GRC of Estonia Championship show(CAC)
The Netherlands  10-05-2009 KCWF, Alkmaar Championship show(CAC)
Germany 01-06-2009 Neumunster International Championship show(CACIB)
Germany 02-06-2009  GRC of Germany Championship show(CAC)
The Netherlands 17-12-2009 Wychen International Championship show(CACIB)
Scotland 22-05-2011  Scottish KC, Edinburgh Championship show(CC’s)
The Netherlands 03-09-2011 GRC of the Netherlands Championship show(CAC)
Russia 18-11-2011 Nat.Speciality “Derzhava”, Moscow Championship show(CAC)
Croatia 21-04-2012 Nat.Speciality, Dugo Selo Championship show(CAC)
Norway 16-06-2012 Norwegian Retriever Club Championship show(CAC)
Poland 08-09-2012 National Dogshow, Warsaw Championship show(CAC)
Poland 09-09-2012 Retriever Speciality, Warsaw Championship show(CAC)
Serbia 31-03-2013 VRSAC CACIB International Championship Dog Show Championship show (CACIB)
Czech Republic 28-04-2015 Clubshow Czech Republic Championship show(CAC)
Finland 09-07-2013 The Finnish Retriever Club 50th Anniversary  Championship Show (CAC) 
England 29-06-2014 Windsor All Breed Championship Show Championship Show (CAC) 
Australia 02-08-2014 GRC of South Australia Inc, Barbara Moore Specialty Adelaide Championship Show (CAC) 
New Zealand 09-08-2014 The New Zealand GRC Inc. 48th Specialty Championship Show, Auckland Championship Show (CAC) 

   Bart’s Judging Appointments Completed for English Setters: 

The Netherlands 07-12-2003 Winnershow, Amsterdam Championship show(CACIB)
The Netherlands 06-06-2004 English Setterclub, Rotterdam Championship show(CAC)
The Netherlands 02-12-2010 Kerstshow KNON, Wychen Championship show(CACIB)

 Charmaine’s Judging Appointments for Golden Retyrievers:

England 28/03/2004 Gravesend & Medway OpenShow, Maidstone, Kent  Open show
England 13/10/2004 South Western Gundog Club, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset     Open show
England 21/11/2004     Pollard Open Show, Featherstone, West Yorkshire   Open show
England 02/01/2006  Chesham Open Show, Slough, Buckinghamshire  Open show
England 17/03/2007 West Torrington Open Show, Newark, Nottingham    Open show 
England   17/02/2008  Horley Open Show, Ardingly, Sussex    Open show 
England   03/05/2008 Romsey Open Show, Durley, Southampton     Open show 
England 11/04/2009 Hereford & County Open Show, Hereford  Open show
England 03/01/2010 Dukeries Gundog Club, Newark, Nottingham Open show
The Netherlands  24/04/2010  GRC of the Netherlands Open Show, Rotterdam Open show
England 30/08/2010 Suffolk Open Show, Stowmarket, Suffolk Open show
England 07/08/2011  GRC of Northumbria Open Show Breed Club Open show
Scotland 27/05/2012 The Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland, Lanark Open show
England 17-02-2013 Cheltenham & DCS  Open show
Finland 06-07-2013 The Finnish Retriever Club 50th Anniversary  Championship Show 
England  13-10-2013 The South Western Golden Retriever Club Open Show Open Show
Scotlang 04-10-2014 Golden Retriever club of Scotland Alva Single Breed Open show

Charmaine’s Judging Appointments Completed for other Breeds :

England   06-05-1991 Chertsey & DCS - Dandie Dinmont Terriers Open Show
England  21-11-2004 Pollard Open Show - English & Irish Setters  Open Show
England 17-02-2013 Cheltenham & DCS - Labrador Retrievers Open Show