Future Litter Plans


Int.Sh.Ch.,UK Sh.Ch.& Multi Ch.Ramchaine Moment of Truth NJK


Doris Day Oligarchia Ger. JW’16

Int.Sh.Ch.,Uk Sh.Ch.& Multi Ch.Ramchaine Moment of Truth NJCh.& Ger.JCh. Multi Ch. Majik Truth or Dare W’10 Multi Ch. Majik Finders Keepers Remington Razzle Dazzle
Majik Winter Shade
Majik Vissi D’arte Delindas Sincerly Love
Majik Noblesse Oblige
Ch. Ramchaine Monkeynut Sh.Ch.& Multi Ch. Barnum of the Hellacious Acres W’08 Multi Ch. Paudell Pure Passion
Victoria of the Hellacious Acres
Int.Sh.Ch. & Multi Ch.Ramchaine Jaq of Hearts JW Sh Ch. Lochtaymor King of Diamonds
Sh.Ch.& Multi Ch. Remington Requiste of Ramchaine
Doris Day Oligarchia Ger.Jw’16 Int.Sh.Ch.& Multi Ch. Beethoven of the Hellacious Acres W’14 Int.Sh.Ch.& Multi Ch. Dewmist Silk Symphony Baltic W”95 Multi Ch. Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
Swe Ch.,Norw.Ch.& Nordic Winner Styal Silksilla
Ch.Philomena of the Hellacious Acres Int.Sh.Ch.& Multi. Ch. Taram du Bois de La Rayere
Int.Sh.Ch.& Multi Ch. Ramchaine Green Glitter W’12
PL.Ch.Your Majesty Oligarchia Norw.& Swe.Ch.Jako’s Nordic Charm NV’07 Swe.Ch.& Norw.Ch.Tottelina Observer Nordw. & Swedish.W’2000
Norw.Ch.Jako’s Amazing Grace
PL.Ch.Vintage Oligarchia Int.Sh.Ch.& Multi Ch.Dewmist Silk Symphony Baltw’1995
Int.Sh.Ch.& Multi Ch.Off Course of the Hellacious Acres