Bred by us – Belonging to others

Champions bred by us but owned by others in around the world :~ 

UK Sh Ch Ramchaine at Jobeka ~ Beryl & Joe Stokes (Jobeka) ~ England
UK Sh Ch Ramchaine Green Glow by Fenwood ~ Malcolm Godefroy & Anita Campion (Fenwood)~ England
UK Sh Ch Ramaine Fabulicious ~ Joanne Gerhold ~ England
CH Ramchaine Snap to Jako’s ~ Jarle Koldal & Vibeke Olsen (Jako’s) ~ Norway
CH Ramchaine Patience Iz Istry ~ Lidia Barausova  (Iz Istry) ~ Russia
CH Ramchaine Fantissimo ~ Evengenia Sitnikova (Iz Stolitsy Urala) ~ Russia
CH Ramchaine Silvery Moon ~ Marina Nielsen (Golden Go-Getters) ~ Switzerland
CH Ramchaine Motif ~ Marcel & Rosita Putters ( of the Golden Motif) ~ Holland
CH Ramchaine Pink Paradise ~ Marcel & Rosita Putters (of the Golden Motif) ~ Holland
CH Bibi Blues of the Hellacious Acres ~ Mieke Gerritsen (v.d. Beerse Hoeve) ~ Holland
Multi Ch Porthos of the Hellacious Acres ~ Jorrit & Lolkje Efde ~ Holland
Multi Ch Haydn of the Hellacious Acres ~ Sven & Alex Budde ~ Germany
CH Ramchaine New York New York ~ Sven & Alex Budde ~ Germany
CH Addison of the Hellacious Acres ~ Judyta Prokesz ~ Poland
CH Xena of the Hellacious Acres ~ Ania Kraska (Badenova) ~ Poland
CH Pepperella of the Hellacious Acres ~ Asia Kraska (Badenova) ~ Poland
CH Ramchaine Medallion ~ Damian Krzemien ~ Poland
CH Of Course of the Hellacious Acres ~ Andrzej Stepinski (Oligarchia) ~ Poland
CH Summertime of the Hellacious Acres ~Andrzej Stepinski (Oligarchia) ~ Poland
CH Ramchaine Magnetic ~ Wendy Bergeron & Teresa Maura ~ USA
CH Wilbert of the Hellacious Acres ~ Teresa Deslauriers ~ USA
CH Ramchaine Dancing Queen ~ Marina Rovanpera (Ronsana’s) ~ Finland
CH Sugar Rush of the Hellacious Acres ~ Jennie Andersson (Dream Max) ~ Sweden