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" Ennis Whelan's Ramchaine Essential, very mature young bitch, in lovely cream coat, feminine head & expression, excellent reach of neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, well boned with tight feet, deep chest, good spring of rib, well coupled, level top, well set tail, strong hocks, good bend of stifle, moved freely with correct head & tail carriage, excellently presented & handled, one to watch in the future BPB"
Judge Gordon Kipps (Wheatcroft)


"feminine 7 months pale bitch, loved her head & expression, kind dark eye & lovely pigment, thought her outline stunning for one so young, good bone & feet, excels in rear angulation, sound level mover, so beautifully presented. BP."
Jane Wild (Bluewaters)


"Ramchaine Essential, aptly named, as she all the essential requirements to go to the top, very mature young lady in cream coat, feminine head, excellent reach of neck, good bend of stifle, moved with drive, excellently handled & presented. BPIS"
Sue Russell (Rosinante)


"pretty blonde, dark pigment, sweet expression, good length of neck, level topline, well boned limbs, neat feet, moved soundly & truely, excellent handling & presentation."
Rosemary Lewis (Perodale)

"This quality bitch appealed very much, excellent presentation, in good coat and condition, excellent bone, dark eye and pigment, balanced outline showing off her good neck, quarters and topline, moved with style"
Judge Brenda Lowe (Davern)


"one I have frequently admired, beautifully presented pale bitch with happy alert attitude, not carrying a lot of coat but with absolutely nothing to hide. Pleasing gentle head & expression, superb reach of neck, well laid shoulders, well angulated upper arm placing her forelegs well under her, good movement from strong driving quarters, considered her for top honours."
Christine Ashton (Willowlawn)


"very elegant pale cream, lovely feminine head & expression, nicely angulated shoulders & upper arm, level topline, well bent stifles, moved well around the ring, nicely presented."
Heather Avis (Glenavis)





"R.Essential, handled to perfection. Not in her best clothes, but could not be denied her place in a quality class. She has all the same attributes as 1 ( well laid back shoulder blade of good length & equally angulated upper arm, tight elbows, deep through the heart with a good length of ribbing, good hindquarters, well let down hocks which are short & straight) slightly longer in body, held her topline when moving in an effortless and stylish manner."  
Janet Buckingham (Lindjan)


Ennis-Whelan's Ramchaine Essential, another superb quality bitch, feminine head & expression, excellent neck with superb shoulder angulation & upper arm, mature, deep body with excellent quarters, good bone with neat feet & lovely short hocks, beautifully balanced throughout, moved & showed well.
Pauline Bevis (Starlance)


blonde,superb outline,very balanced & showing off her good overall construction, feminine head, super front & rear angulation, moved soundly & with drive.
Brenda Hutchinson(Waverton)

‘Jeree’ SH.CH. Ramchaine Essential JW

   4CCs 1RCC
(Aus Ch Xanthos Fletcher Christian JW SGWC 
x Sh Ch Remington Requisite of Ramchaine)
Date of Birth: 6th September 2003

      (Photograph taken at 7 months old after winning Best puppy at Windsor Gundog)  

At only 7 months, Jeree achieved her Bronze and Silver
Kennel Club ‘Good Citizens Awards’

 During her puppy and junior career, Jeree easily obtained her Junior Warrant

~ attaining 21 top three placings at Championship Shows and 
winning over
21 x 1st places at Open Shows.

Jeree accumulated numerous BP’s and was BPIS at the BD&C GRC Open Show 

She was also a Heat Winner in the Dog World / Purina Pro Plan Pup of The Year Stakes.


Jeree had a very successful run through yearling beginning by winning 
1st UGB at Crufts 2005 under Keith Young (Pyngold)
effectively beating 78 dogs!  



and then at championship shows won:

1st UGB ~ Jim Richardson (Darrachonna)

1st UGB ~ Heather Morss (Xanthos)

2nd SYB ~ Gail Brodie

2nd SYB ~ Wendy Andrews

1st SYB ~ Heather Morss (Xanthos)

1st SYB ~ Mervyn Philpott

1st SYB ~ Viv Jones (Ninell)

1st SYB ~ June Young (Pyngold)

1st SYB ~ Hilary Lambshead (Muskan)

1st SYB ~ Catherine Collins
(Erinderry) at the BD&C GRC Open Show


In her graduate classes she achieved:

2nd GB ~ Fred Hathaway (Melfricka)

2nd GB ~ Lynn Anderson

2nd GB ~ Peter Carey 

2nd GB ~ Henric Fryckstrand

1st GB ~ Ron Hare

1st GB ~ Alan Fall

1st GB ~ Bernard Catterall

1st GB ~ Christine Ashton

1st GB ~ Brenda Lowe



Jeree wasn't in Post Graduate for long!

2nd PGB ~ Fiona Weeks (Beldonburn)

2nd PGB ~ Sue Brown (Ipcress)

2nd PGB ~ Viv Jones (Ninell) CRUFTS MARCH 2007

1st PGB ~ Heather Avis (Glenavis) 

1st PGB ~ Tony Hird (Wyebank) .................. followed by her thrilling

  1st CC at Boston's  very first championship show January 2007

( Immense thanks to Tony for appreciating her many qualities )

Show report to follow...


Jeree's Mid Limit / Limit wins in 2007 :

3rd MLB ~ Roy Maynard (Chinordale)

3rd MLB ~ George Hennessy (Ritzilyn)

2nd LB ~ Sue Russell (Rosinante)

1st LB ~ Ray Strudwick (Burpham)

1st LB ~ Per Iverson (Norway)

1st MLB ~ Tricia Butterworth (Applebrook) ...... followed by her exhilarating

 2nd CC at the  National Gundog Championship Show 2007

Her show report from Tricia Butterworth states : 
"Ramchaine Essential really caught my eye, seemed to fit my idea of the standard perfectly, elegant without being over-long, has the excellent angulation you expect from this kennel, short coupled, deep through the heart with good spring of rib and excellent topline, well chiselled head, good pigment, correct earset, outstanding movement, CC "  

                   Jeree photo taken courtesy of Bart Van Maren at the Golden Retriever Club Championship Show, July 2007.



Tragic news :

Running through the woods on 15th August, not even a fortnight after winning her second CC, Jeree tragically sliced through the webbing of her foot on broken glass and severed three of the tendons to her toes.  Initially, we were worried we may lose her through shock and immense blood loss, so priority was for emergency first aid and stitches rather than the future function of her foot.  

We never imagined we would ever be able to show her again, the deep cut did severe damage , and amputation of two her toes was advised as the best long term option for her best interests. 

Three weeks later , in an attempt to save the toes, Jeree underwent a tricky tendon repair by a fantastic Greyhound track injury specialist.  After the successful operation her leg was immobilised for 8 weeks in a hard plastic splint, followed by a further 6 weeks in soft bandaging. 


Some of the glass found in the woods where the tragedy occurred! - which piece was the culprit?

 It was a VERY LONG recovery process.  Thankfully, once all dressings were removed Jeree walked soundly - her leg was thin from disuse, the muscles wasted, so next came a programme of building up the muscles and strengthening the limb. First she was allowed to "room wander" for a week, then short walks on a lead on soft ground, increasing her exercise time gradually until she could at last free run , play in the garden and return to road walks with the other dogs!

Thank goodness that February 2008 sees her running across fields once again - galloping, twisting, turning and jumping around as if nothing had ever been wrong ......... we have both returned to jogging and ........ she is STILL fitter than me and thankfully can now  even recommence her show career, as if nothing had ever been wrong!


Photo taken by Fred Smink at Jeree's first show since her accident when she won 

2nd in Limit Bitch under Judge Janet Buckingham (Lindjan)

then Jeree dropped all her coat and needed yet another break!

  ~ before returning to the ring in top form to achieve:

1st LB ~ Viv Jones (Ninell) and the RCC at the  Ulster GRC April 2008

Viv Jones wrote in her critique:  "very elegant cream bitch, well constructed throughout, excellent shoulder placement & strong quarters, giving very good angulation. Topline strong with good tailset, forelegs straight with well shaped feet, excellent outline, well presented & expertly shown, just coming into coat and could do with a little more feathering to complete the picture."


followed by a superb run in her Limit classes during the spring / summer 2008:

3rd Limit Bitch ~ Val Foss (Elswood)

3rd Limit Bitch ~ Eileen Allen-Rossiter (Pengilli)

2nd Limit Bitch ~ Pauline Bevis (Starlance)

2nd Limit Bitch ~ Fiona Brightley (Drumkilty)

1st Limit Bitch ~ Heather Avis ( Glenavis)

1st Limit Bitch ~ Brenda Hutchison (Waverton)

1st Limit Bitch ~ Bernard Catterall (Golmas)

1st Limit Bitch ~ Gordon Kipps (Wheatcroft)

1st Limit Bitch ~ Diana Dale (Mindaro)



Jeree gains her CROWN !!!

 Jeree wins 1st Limit Bitch  &  her 3rd Challenge Certificate 

under judge Ron Hare (Rolillair)  

                       who wrote-    "the star of the day at nearly  5 years, just maturing & following in her dam's footsteps who I gave the RCC some 7 years ago. Beautifully balanced standing & on the move, super head & expression, lovely front angulation, good depth to body, nicely boned, neat feet, lovely strong hocks, moved out with drive and elegance. CC, her crown, & G2"

  & also Best of Breed with the agreement of co-judge Val Foss (Elswood)

Then in the GROUP RING she puts on a good performance, 

moves soundly  with drive and style, stands to perfection, 

 looks a dream,  and achieves


under group  judge Mr Phillip Green
who wrote ~ "An excellent group of gundogs and been chosen to represent their breeds in the group. For my short list I selected six. The golden retriever bitch was my choice for G2 in this very strong group. Super well balanced head, kindly eye and expression, lovely outline with good body & beautifully presented, sound stylish mover."

G1 ( his 34th group and 49th CC! ) and later RBIS was the Hungarian Vizsla Sh Ch Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind 

Immense thanks to all the judges who have acknowledged & awarded my precious Jeree her wins to date.

To all the friends and fellow competitors for their congratulations and hugs too.

She is a very very special girlie, a total sweetie, very gentle, very loving, my poppet.



I am ecstatic & very proud of her, that after her traumatic foot episode she has managed to recover 

so well to be able to gain her title of SHOW CHAMPION !



Jeree wins 1st Limit Bitch  and her  4th Challenge Certificate 

at Paignton 2008  under judge Alan Fall 

and with agreement of co-judge Eddie Webster (Benjcroft) is awarded Best Of Breed

followed by winning  Gundog Group 3 

under judge Peter Woolf who wrote 

"It was a strong group with many really good dogs to judge. I thought this golden was looking very nice indeed, correct head & good expression, nice bone & feet, good general outline& is very sound moving, was presented very well"