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' Lizanna ' - Lizanna of the Hellacious Acres


Multi Ch. Beethoven of the Hellacious Acres

Ch. Dewmist Silk Symphony

Ch. Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel

Ch, Erinderry Diamond Edge for Glenavis

Int. Ch. Erinderry Firebird

Ch. Styal Silksilla

Ch. Remington Rory

Styal Scottish Symphonia

Ch. Philomena of the Hellacious Acres

Ch. Taram dus bois de la Rayere

Int.Ch.Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash

Int.Ch.Alibren Mon Cherie avec Stanroph

Ch. Ramchaine Green glitter

Sh. Ch. Erinderry Just the Ticket from Bluewaters

Sh. Ch. Remington Requiste of Ramchaine

Ch, Jacquetta of the Hellacious Acres

Int. Ch. Paudell Pure Passion


Ch. Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien

Sansue Castalian
Kerrien Calypso of Paudell

Kerrien Forever Bonnie at Paudell

Sh.Ch. Sansue Golden Ruler
Sh.Ch.Kerrien C'Est La Vie

Victoria of the Hellacious Acres

Jun. Ch, Sansue Hi'Land Storm Sh. Ch. Elswood the Highlander
Sh.Ch Sansue Waterlily
Ch. Bows of the Hellacious Acres Ch. Standfast Angus
Ch. Westley Cathrina

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